The 2014 Ghetto Games

Published April 8, 2016



The 3rd Annual Ghetto Games:

 The Proving Ground for the Intermediate and Novice Competitors


When: Sunday November 2, 2014

Where: CrossFit 508, Plainville, Ma

What Time: 8AM - 3PM

How Much: $105 per Team...including one cool Competitor T-Shirt per athlete. 

 Check Out Picturs from last years Ghetto Games!

The Ghetto Games is a 2 person Team Competition. Teams will be made up of Male/ Male or Female/Female of similar CrossFit athletic ability....Intermediate or Novice Only!!

Each Team will perform 4 Team WODs. Yup, that is 4 WODs per person. This year, The Top 5 Teams of each Division will go Head-2Head in a Final Showdown.

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Have more questions or want to be a judge, contact:

The Intermediate Division is for you if.........

*You have a most of or all of the following: 
- Can handle the following Clean weights in a WOD.....(115#/85#)
- Can handle the following Snatch  weights in a WOD..... (85#/55#) .
- 325# 1 RM Dead Lift (Males) / 225# 1 RM Dead Lift (Females) .
- RX some but not all Benchmark WODs.

*You don't think you're ready to kill the RX Division YET but know that you will have a much better chance if you get a few good competitions under your belt.

*You're a badass old dude or gal and know that you don't have to always lift crazy heavy weight to prove that you're fitter than the kid next to you.

*You've never competed before and want to find out whatcha got!

The Novice Division is for you if.....
*The weights of the Scaled Division don't look right for you.

*You still get "The Clean" and "The Snatch" confused.

* You laugh a little in disbelief when you see the RX weight of just about every Benchmark WOD but go for it (scaled) at 100%

*Your Pull-Up Station has had so many bands that it resembles a car wash.

* You give it Hell every single day and want to find out what you are made of!!!

You are automatically disqualified if....
*You made it to The CrossFit Games. 
*You Qualified for Regionals.
*You were in the Top 25% of Sectionals.
*You Compete in The Garage Games in the RX Division and come out in the middle of the pack or higher.
*Your name is Rich Froning.

Have more questions or want to be a judge, contact:



6 minutes for you and your partner to each find:
1 RM Clean+Hang Clean+Jerk

- Cleans may be Power or Squat
- The Jerk may be a Push Jerk or Split Jerk

WOD 2: 
“2K Balls”
10 minute Cap
2000m Row
AMRAP Wall Balls

Men: Wall Balls (20# to 10ft line)
Women: Wall Balls (14# to 9ft line)

Men: Wall Balls (14# to 10ft line)
Women: 1500m Row....Wall Balls (10# to 9ft line)

You may split up the 2K Row any way you and your partner choose BUT both competitors must contribute a minimum of 500m.
- All Rowers will be set on 5
- Competitors will begin the WOD standing behind the Rower. Only after the “3-2-1 Go ” may you get on the rower.

You may split the Wall Balls any way you choose
- Wall Ball Standards::
- Hip Crease below the knee at the bottom of the WB.
- Wall Balls must clearly hit the Wall above the 10ft (or 9ft for ladies) line


WOD #3: “The Ghetto Gasser”

Each Team will be set up in a lane with 25ft between each piece equipment. the equipment will be set up in the following order:
Deadlift Bar---25ft---KettleBell----25ft----Dumbell---25ft-----Burpee Mats

13 minute AMRAP

20 Deadlifts - Run 25ft - 30 KettleBell Swings 
Run the 25 ft Back to Deadlift Bar

20 Deadlifts - Run 25ft - 30 KBS -Run 25ft - 40 Dumbell Snatches 
Run the 50 ft Back to Deadlift Bar

20 DLs - Run 25ft - 30 KBS - Run 25ft - 40 DB Snatches- Run 25ft- 50 Partner Burpees 
Run the 75ft back to your Deadlift Bar and Start all over again!

20 Deadlifts - Run 25ft - 30 KettleBell Swings 
Run the 25 ft Back to Deadlift Bar

20 Deadlifts - Run 25ft - 30 KBS -Run 25ft - 40 Dumbell Snatches


Intermediate: Deadlift (225#/155#) / KBS (24kg/16kg) / DB Snatches (45#/30#)
Novice: Deadlift (155#/95#) / KBS (16kg/12kg) / DB Snatches (30#/20#)

- Each team may break up the reps between themselves anyway they want.

- One team member may run to the next piece of equipment before the other team mate finishes but your team mate must tag you before you begin the next movement.

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