November 6 - 5th Annual Ghetto Games

Published August 2, 2016

The Proving Ground for the Intermediate and Novice Competitors

When: Sunday November 6, 2016

Where: CrossFit 508, Plainville, Ma

What Time: 8AM - 3PM

How Much: $105 per Team...including one cool Competitor T-Shirt per athlete.
Registration Coming August 6, 2016 on WODRocket

The Ghetto Games is a 2 person Team Competition. Teams will be made up of Male/ Male or Female/Female of similar CrossFit athletic ability....Intermediate or Novice Only!!

Each Team will perform 4 Team WODs. Yup, that is 4 WODs per person. This year, The Top 5 Teams of each Division will go Head-2Head in a Final Showdown.

Have more questions or want to be a judge, contact:

The Intermediate Division is for you if.........

*You have a most of or all of the following:
- Can handle the following Clean weights in a WOD.....(115#/85#)
- Can handle the following Snatch weights in a WOD..... (85#/55#) .
- 325# 1 RM Dead Lift (Males) / 225# 1 RM Dead Lift (Females) .
- RX some but not all Benchmark WODs.

*You don't think you're ready to kill the RX Division YET but know that you will have a much better chance if you get a few good competitions under your belt.

*You're a badass old dude or gal and know that you don't have to always lift crazy heavy weight to prove that you're fitter than the kid next to you.

*You've never competed before and want to find out whatcha got!

The Novice Division is for you if.....
*The weights of the Scaled Division don't look right for you.

*You still get "The Clean" and "The Snatch" confused.

* You laugh a little in disbelief when you see the RX weight of just about every Benchmark WOD but go for it (scaled) at 100%

*Your Pull-Up Station has had so many bands that it resembles a car wash.

* You give it Hell every single day and want to find out what you are made of!!!

You are automatically disqualified if....
*You made it to The CrossFit Games.
*You Qualified for Regionals.
*You were in the Top 25% of Sectionals.
*You Compete in The Garage Games in the RX Division and come out in the middle of the pack or higher.
*Your name is Rich Froning.

Have more questions or want to be a judge, contact:
Registration Coming August 6, 2016 on WODRocket


WOD 1:  “Mile Run with Squats”

Two Scores

One for score for Total Front Squats

One for mile Run Time


Partner A:

1 minute AMRAP 

Front Squats 

1 minute Rest


800m Run


Partner A passes baton to Partner B



Partner B:

800m Run

Rest exactly 1 minute then..

1 minute AMRAP

Front Squats


Intermediate Weight for Squats (115#/85#)

Novice Weight for Squats (85#/55#)


WOD 2: (mini WOD) 

“Walking the Walls”

2 minute AMRAP

Wall Walks


  • Both Partners start on their bellies with feet at the Wall.  One Partner works at a time.  Alternate walking up the Wall as you see fit.  


  • An athlete’s Wall Walk starts with the athletes chest and belly on the floor.  Athlete walks up the wall as far as possible.  The Wall Walk end when athlete’s chest and belly hits the floor again.


  • There will be 3 lines on the floor.  One @ 1 Foot from the wall. One @ 2 Feet away from the wall and one @ 3 Feet away from the wall. 


  • Each line will have a point value.  The further you Walk up the Wall, the closer your hands will be to the wall and the higher the point value.


  • 1 Point = Walking hands past the 3 foot line
  • 2 Points = Walking hands past the 2 foot line
  • 5 Points = Walking Hands past the 1 foot line


WOD 2: “Rings and Bars”

Two Scores

One for total Reps on AMRAP

One for Total Weight on 5RM Hang Clean


8 minute AMRAP

15 Shoulder 2 Overhead

15 Toes thru Rings

15 Lateral Barbell Burpees


2 minutes Rest then...


6 minutes 

5 Rep Max Hang Clean


Intermediate Weight for Shoulder 2 Overhead: (105# / 75#)

Novice Weight for Shoulder 2 Overhead: (75# / 45#) / Knee Ups instead of Toes thru Rings / You may step over the bar for the Barbell Burpees



WOD 4:  “Engine Time”

(mini WOD)

3 minute AMRAP

Prowler Shuttles


  • Alternating Partners.  Partner A pushes the prowler 50ft then runs back to tag Partner B. Partner B runs to the prowler and pushes it back. Then Partner A goes....and so on.
  • Scored by total feet Prowler is moved.  No points will be given for the run.  Partial points given if sled only goes 1/2 or 1/4 the distance.
  • Intermediate Weight on Prowler: (90# / 45#)
  • Novice Weight on Prowler: (45# / Empty)

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