How will we run CrossFit Kids classes?
Our job as coaches is to make exercise fun and to help children move better--safer and more effectively--to prepare them for the rest of their lives.
What can you do as a parent?
We encourage parents to support their children and the class, stay and spectate from the sidelines, cheer, participate in CrossFit adult classes, help their children maintain consistency in CrossFit attendance, and provide healthy meals at home and for school.  Healthy meals consist of protein, carbohydrate, and fat at every meal. The tenets we follow are: lots of lean meat, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar, and no grains.  These foods are the optimal fuel for the most sophisticated machines: our bodies.  We emphasize the importance of unprocessed, real foods in balanced proportions.  Scientific studies and personal trial and error among ourselves and our athletes have found that these dietary choices make us feel good, improve our physical and mental performance, and enhance our physical and mental health.  We also insist that parents of our underage athletes inform us of medical conditions and allergies that may impact a child's health, performance, and capability.  
How can parents help us help their children?
Generally, we would like parents to resist the urge to interrupt class or counter our training expertise.  Behavior we would like parents to avoid includes but is not limited to the following: shouting cues to children, encouraging rivalry and competition, encouraging risky behavior, encouraging bad form, encouraging heavier weights, choosing weights, arguing with coaches during class, stealing child's attention and focus, interrupting class, infringing upon class space, bringing children late to class or pulling them out early (exception: emergency situation), criticism of children or coaches, overriding coaches' decisions, or bringing sick kids to class.  
CrossFit Kids should be a fun experience for kids and their parents, so we want to keep it that way!
What is required of our CrossFit Kids?
Generally, we would like children to maintain self control and not act against the coaches' instructions. Inappropriate behavior for children includes but is not limited to: inappropriately distracting others during class, not listening to the coaches' instructions, disobeying coaches' instructions, disrespecting others, disrespecting equipment, creating a dangerous environment for self and others, criticizing others, or acting without own or other children's safety in mind.
CrossFit 508 is a 'Video Game Free Zone!  Which means DS's and all other video games are to be left at home or in the car. Thank You!