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We want YOU to sign up for The 2018 Crossfit Open!! 

Yes, The Crossfit Open is the starting point of the road to The Crossfit Games and Yes, it is for everyone!  There is and RX Division as well as a Scaled Division.   Register Here.

For 5 Weeks CrossFit HQ gives out 1 workout per week to be completed, judged and turned in.  These workouts are revealed each Thursday at 8pm and must be turned in by the following Monday by 8pm.

We will be doing these workouts every Friday in class.  So, if you are doing them, why not sign up and join in the road to The Games?!

All Info can be found Here.



Alternating OTM x 15 (5 Rounds):

Minute 1 – 15/12 Calorie Row

Minute 2 – 5 Deadlifts

Minute 3 – :30s Max Kipping Deficit HSPU (4.5″/3″)


Core Cash Out:

4 Sets:

20 Tuck Crunches

15 V-Ups

30 Second Hollow Hold

30 Second Superman hold


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