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Skill / Strength:

DB Hang Squat Snatches build to a Heavy 2/2 DB Squat Snatch


5 rounds for time of:

5 dumbbell hang squat snatches, left arm

5 dumbbell hang squat snatches, right arm

5  dumbbell thrusters, left arm

5  dumbbell thrusters, right arm

200-m run

RX = (50#/35#)



Accessory Cash Out:

3 Rounds:

5/5 Single Leg Unilateral Deadlift

5/5 Bulgarian Split Squats - use weight if able

25 Bandy Pull Aparts


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Body Armor:

3 Rounds

100m Dumbbell Walk

Max Effort Strict Pull Ups

  • Walk is with 2 DBs,  One in front rack, one locked overhead.  
  • Switching OH DB every 25 meters



1200m Row

30 Handstand Push Ups

50 Kettlebell Swings (32kg / 24kg)


Mandatory Mobility:

90 Seconds Pigeon Stretch each leg

1 minute pec mashing each side


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A giant shout out to everyone that helped make the 3rd Annual Ditano Day awesome.  Thank You to everyone who threw it down on Saturday, stopped by for a burger, bought a T-Shirt and/or got a PR doing "DT" on Friday.  

Photo above is a team that may not have made the podium but were definitely a crowd favorite!



400m Run

100 Wall Balls

400m Run

  • at each break in Wall Balls, 100m Med Ball Run
  • 20 minute time Cap


Core Cash Out:

1 Minute of Hollow Rocks

1 Minute of Russian twists with Wall Ball

1 Minute of bicycle Abs

1 Minute plank Hold

Rest 1 Minute

Repeat in 30s Intervals


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It's Ditano Day!!!!  No Regular Classes.  

Today we celebrate the life of Coach Dawn Ditano.

9am - Noon:  An all inclusive  In-House Team Throwdown.  Every 508 Member is invited, absolutely no skills necessary but you need to be at 508 for the full 3 hours.


Noon - 3pm: BBQ and Giant Waterslide!!   So bring your whole family to come and eat and play!!


Hope to see you all there!!!

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Today is the day to honor Coach Dawn Ditano by giving it your all with her favorite WOD..."DT"

For those who never had the chance to know Dawn Ditano, doing this WOD to your absolute fullest abillity is a great way for you to know her character and to connect with her. 

For those of you that were lucky enough to know Ditano, I am sure you will hear her voice many times through this WOD.


Skill / Strength:

Build to a heavy-ish Unbroken

3 Deadlifts + 2 Hang Cleans + 1 Jerk



5 Rounds

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Cleans

6 Jerks



12 minute time Cap


Post WOD:

90 Seconds Pigeon Stretch

90 Seconds Couch Stretch


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Don't forget that Ditano Day is this Saturday.

No Classes.

EVERYONE is invited

9am - noon-Team Throwdown for All Level

Noon - 3: BBQ for the whole family


We will have Burgers and Dogs for all.  BYOB.

Sign Up to bring a side dish, dessert, whatever.

If you . have not signed up to be on a team, it's not too late!  Do it.  


Partner WOD:

50 Box Jumps (24/20)

50 Burpees Over Rower

2000 Row*

50 Burpees Over Rower

50 Box Jumps

  • 2K Row is done 500m at a time.  Partner A Runs 200m While Partner B Rows

(25 minute time cap)


Post WOD:

90 Seconds Banded Hamstring Stretch

90 Seconds Couch Stretch


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Due to the generosity of the Crossfit 508 members,  the Lyden clan was able to give Adam Izzo a $1550 donation toward his games journey.   You all are AWSOEME. We can't wait to wathc Adam next week at The CrossFit Games.


Skill / Strength:

Front Rack Reverse Lunges

Warm Up Sets

6 @ 30% of Front Squat

6 @ 35% of Front Squat


12 @ 40% of Front Squat

12 @ 45% of Front Squat

12 @ 50% of Front Squat



Cement Mixer

7 Rounds

Every 3 minutes

Run 400m

Then 12 Toes 2 Bar


In case of Thunderstorms…


20 minute Partner WOD

Partner A Rows 500m while Partner B AMRAPs Toes 2 Bar


Partner B Rows 500m while Partner A  AMRAPs 12 Toes 2 Bar

  • 400m for women


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