Friday 4.2.2021

5 Sets of 5
Followed by a set of Strict Handstand Push Ups or Seated Presses with Dumbbells
– Ideally Climbing in weight for each 5 BUT we are NOT going for a max set of 5. We are merely reintroducing deadlifts and our working weights.
– Form comes FIRST


10 Rounds
Every minute on the Minute
10 Bar-facing Burpees

RX: Both Feet Jump Back, Both Feet Jump up Both Feet (together) Jump Over the Bar
– During The Open we were allowed to step back and step up. Let’s train at the highest level possible, so when given this standard, it’s a gift
– Go at about 75-80% on the first set and stop no more than 45 seconds into the minute. If that number is not 10….do not worry. Just work with that number. This is tougher than it looks

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