Monday 4.12.2021

5 Working Sets Every 3 minutes
5 Back Squats + 1 Front Squat
– This should be. challenging weight for the Back Squats. Heavy enough where you need rest after the set of 5 but not failing on the Front Squats
– Maybe start at 60-65% of Back Squat 1RM and try to climb slightly from there

Scoring: Load

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

1-2-3-4-5 reps of:
Squat clean
Strict chest-to-bar pull-up

After finishing the set of 5’s, start over at 1 and work through the ladder again.
1 Round= finishing 5 Squat Cleans & 5 C2B’s
RX: (185/125) , 55+ (155/105)
Strict C2B’s may be subbed with 2x’s Kipping or Butterfly C2B’s
Options: Scale Weight as needed, Jumping C2Bs, 2xs Ring Rows

Scoring: Rounds + Reps

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