Monday 7.1.19

It was lovely night for Crossfit 508’s first “Drive In Movie” .

Holiday Schedule

Wednesday July 3rd: Business as Usual

Thursday July 4th: 7am & 9am. Classes

Friday July 5th: Classes start at 9am and then normal schedule



Back Squats

Wendler Week #1

5 @ 65% of Base Weight

5 @ 75% of Base Weight

Max Effort @ 85% of Base Weight

(min requirement = 5 Reps)

  • If this is your first cycle, your Base Weight = 90% of your 1 Rep Max.
  • If you completed theist cycle and fulfilled all the requirements, then add 10#’s to your Base Weight.  This will the Base Weight you will use for the next month.


On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:

9 Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)

15 Front Squats (135/95)

15/12 Calorie Bike or 20/15 Cal Row

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