Wednesday 9.16.2020


Back Squats

5 at 65% of Base Weight

5 at 75% of Base Weight

Max Reps at 85% of Base Weight

(minimum Requirement = 5)

· If you fulfilled the minimum requirements of the previous 3 weeks of this squat progression, you would add 10lbs to your Base Weight.

· If you did not do the last 3 weeks of Back Squats, your Base Weight is 90% of your 1 RM

· If you do not have a 1RM Back Squat, use today to get one

WOD: “Jackie”

1000m Row

50 Empty Barbell Thrusters (45/45)

30 Pull Ups

· The current RX barbell standard for Jackie is (45/35) but we have always used the same bar weight for this benchmark workout. This is the 508 standard RX

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