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Try CrossFit for yourself.  

The the first class is Free but we warn you.....CrossFit is addictive.

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New Location!.....1 George St, Plainville, Ma, 02762



Wednesday September 3, 2014


2 minutes working the Posterior Chain with Band Before WOD

2 minute working the Sweeping Pigeon Before WOD & After WOD



Split Jerks


WOD:”Fat Fran”

6 minute Ladder

3,3,6,6,9,9,12,12 etc....

Thrusters (135#/95#)

Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups


Tuesday September 2, 2014

"Let's change the way we think about the shoudler." - K. Star

WOD: Crossfit 2A's Partner Competition Chipper

10 minute time cap

60 Kettlebell Swings (24kg/16kg)

50 Pull Ups

40 DeadLifts (135#/95#)

30 Barbell Burpees

20 Squat Cleans

100 Double Unders

(movements may be split up any way you and your partner choose)

(Scale: 95#/65#, Partner Pull Ups, Singles)



1 1/2 minutes of Wall Walks

(with a partner)


Monday September 1, 2014


Today's Classes 8am, 9am & 10am. Only!


"Fight Gone Bad"

3 Rounds:

1 Wall Balls

1 minute SDHP (75#/55#)

1 minute Box Jumps (24/20)

1 minute Push Presses (75#/55#)

1 minute Calorie Row

1 minute Rest

(score is your total reps from all 3 rounds.)

Last performed 1/18/14.


Saturday August 30, 2014

Holiday Weekend Hours

Saturday: Business as Usual 7,8 & 9am

plus, Kids Classes and Bridge Program

Sunday: Open Gym 8-10am

Monday: Morning Only 8,9 & 10am

"Fight Gone Bad"


Saturday's Fun...


"Flashback" the North East Masters Classic Floater WOD

90 seconds AMRAP

10 Barbell Burpees

150ft Prowler Push


AMRAP Snatches

1 point for each Burpee

1 point for every 10ft

1 point for each Snatch



15 minute AMRAP

100m Kettlebell Baby Carry (32kg/24kg)

ME Push Ups

(Scored by # of Push Ups)


Friday August 28, 2014

Injury Prevention Seminar by Dr. Sean Rockett MD 
Saturday, September 6th 2014@ 11AM

Sean Rockett, MD will be at CrossFit 508 to speak about CrossFit safety and ways to prevent CrossFit injuries. His lecture is designed to help keep athletes healthy and for them to continue to WOD safely. 

He will discuss the anatomy of the body, mechanisms of injury, and signs and symptoms of injuries. Additional topics will include ways to recognize injuries, how to treat and PREVENT them.

Dr. Rockett is an orthopedic surgeon and the senior partner at Orthopedics New England ( He operates at New England Baptist, Newton Wellesley and Metrowest Hospitals. He is a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Opens competitor. CrossFitting since 2007 at CrossFit New England, he has cared for many athletes including Regionals and Games competitors. He is on the Medical Team for the CrossFit Games and the Northeast Regionals. Check out your injury/rehab at

$20 donation with profits going to theActive Heroes for Carry the Fallen. Pay at the door.

*Bring chairs or blanket to sit on



4 Rounds of..

400m Run

15 Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups

15 Burpees 2 Target

2 minutes Rest



4 Rounds of:

25 Shoulder Taps (plank position)

 25 Sit Ups